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SunburnThe best sunburn treatment is to avoid getting a sunburn in the first place. Sunburns can not only burn the skin but they may cause premature aging and contribute to skin cancer. Some sun exposure is healthy because it helps the body produce vitamin D. If you stay in the sun long enough to tan, you are causing skin damage.

Exposure to the sun long enough to have your skin turn slightly red and be painful means you more than likely have a first degree burn and the first layer of skin is probably all that is damaged.

When you have a sunburn that causes blisters and swelling of the affected area, you have a second degree burn with multiple layers of skin that has been damaged and possible nerve end damage. Second degree burns whether caused by the sun or other sources are quite painful and can take awhile to heal.

Medications you may be taking and your skin type will help determine how quickly you may sunburn or have other problems from sun exposure.

Vinegar and hydrating your skin as quickly as you may help relieve the pain from sunburns. Sunburn treatments do help relieve the pain you feel but sunscreen, wide brim hats and protective clothing should be worn to prevent skin damage in the first place. Drink plenty of water and eating the right diet also helps protect your skin from burning as quickly. The ideal situation is to protect yourself and your loved ones so you never need a sunburn treatment.

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