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New Year’s resolutions are an annual tradition for millions of people and the odds are good that you’ve made and broken resolutions several times. You CAN succeed with your resolutions and it may be easier than you think.

Sample Resolutions

Some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions are:

  • I want to lose weight.
  • I will exercise more.
  • I will eat healthier.

The problem with each of the above is that there is no set goal and no action plan on how to achieve weight loss, fitness, increased earnings or a better relationship. If they were phrased like:

  • I will lose 10 pounds in the next 30 days and 50 pounds this year.
  • I will take a 30 minute walk 3 times a week and lift weights for 30 minutes a session 3 times a week this year.
  • I will include one additional vegetable or salad in my daily meals OR I will replace 1 fast food meal per week with a soup and salad bar meal.

The difference between the first list and the second is the ability to define the goal and set an action plan so success can be achieved.

It’s much easier to see that the second set of resolutions have clearly defined goals. The person that says they’re going to lose 10 pounds in 30 days can measure their progress. Ten pounds breaks down to an average weight loss of 2.5 pounds per week and you can both achieve this goal AND measure your progress.

When you can measure your progress, you can see your success or lack of success in anything and this makes it easier to stay on track.

Will you slip back into your old habits? Absolutely! The trick is to acknowledge that you’ll stay on track only about 80 percent of the time, at most. Simply get yourself back on track and continue without berating yourself for straying.

You are human and you are trying to correct bad habits that have been part of you for months, if not years, so plan for success and work towards it regardless of the resolution or obstacles.

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Self help and self improvement programs are tried by many people and unfortunately too many people fail AND it is usually NOT their fault.

Your brain is an amazingly complex organic computer that has its initial programming done by your DNA. Who you’ve become has been mostly determined by all of the programming that has been added since birth.

Everything you’ve been exposed to has been recorded by your brain even if you cannot recall it. All of your senses record all of the time AND the more you are exposed to any sight, sound, smell or touch the more that is imprinted on your mind.

You first learned to speak by first listening to everyone around you talking and you then tried to mimic them. The more you practiced talking the better you got at it.

When you got to grade school and first started to learn how to write, you probably had to practice writing each letter starting with them as very big letters. As you got better at writing, you were able to make them smaller, faster, smoother and more consistently.

I’m willing to bet that you eventually reached a point where you could pick up a pen or pencil and write what you wanted without consciously thinking about the act of writing.

This level of competence means your subconscious mind thinks about the mechanics of writing while your conscious mind deals with the content you are writing.

You can reach this level of competence in almost anything with enough practice on the fundamentals.

Your mind CANNOT distinguish between good, bad, real or imagined.

Because your mind doesn’t have the ability to make these distinctions, you can trick it into believing something you imagine often enough should be your reality and it will help you make it happen.

We all have habits in our lives that we want to break and it IS possible but only if done the right way.

You probably acquired the habit through repetition and you will need repetition to get rid of the habit.

Many self help programs give you positive affirmations that are SUPPOSED to help you build new habits BUT they do NOT include affirmations where you repeatedly give your mind permission to release the bad habit.

I firmly believe you must do both AND engage multiple senses so the desired habit becomes your new reality faster. As you read your affirmations, write your affirmations and listen to them regularly, they will become imprinted on your subconscious mind quicker.

On average, something you do consistently each day starts to become a habit in 28-30 days. When you are trying to release a bad habit and instill a new one with the aide of a self help program, the process may take much longer because the old habit may have been part of your life for years.

Even with the right mindset, actions and self help program, you MUST be consistent and persistent in your attempt to improve yourself.

I’ve used several self help programs with no success and I’m sure you have too BUT I’ve found the programs at Think Right Now do work. Good luck in your quest for a better you and I sincerely hope you find the self help program that fits your needs.

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You may wonder about Think Right Now products and whether they really work. I can say that at least one DOES work even when directions aren’t exactly followed.

The product I’m talking about is the I Am Healed NOW CD by Think Right Now. I received this CD as a Christmas gift this last December. I made a back up copy of the CD and started playing it 24/7.

The directions recommend reading the affirmations at least once a day AND physically writing out the 10-15 you agree with the most but I’m not physically able to write out the affirmations and I seldom take the time to open the file and read the affirmations.

I wanted this product in the hopes that it would help with some of the health issues I have as a paralyzed person that’s confined to bed.

I’ve had a recurring bed sore in one my coccyx for 37 years and it has been open this last time for 9 years and was about 9cm deep. Wound care specialists repeatedly told me there was nothing that could be done that would result in a permanent healing. Another that that I have has been consistently open and sometimes bone deep for nine years. This wound is on my left shin and wound care specialists also stated nothing could be done for it.

The recommended treatment for the leg wound was salt packs when bone deep otherwise just antibiotic salve and a Telfa covering when the bone wasn’t exposed. This sore was 3 inches long and about an inch wide.

Since I started using the I Am Healed NOW CD, the sore on my leg has completely healed over and remained closed for a month AND the sore in my coccyx is now 6cm in depth and slightly narrower at the surface.

The ONLY thing that was changed was the addition of the I Am Healed NOW CD to my routine.

I’ve also seen improvements in other skin problems, I don’t crave sweets as much as I did, I’m willing to leave food on my plate when the servings I’m given are too large and other minor health related items that the CD’s affirmations address. Proven result by altering my thinking is the best endorsement I can give this product and I heartily urge you to read the testimonials associated with EVERY product offing from Think Right Now.

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Self help begins between your ears. Basic programming is installed by your genetic code before you are born. After you are born, your parents and everything you encounter adds new programming. You can banish depression, anger, panic, anxiety and low self esteem by changing how you think. Change the way you think and you can make eating healthy, exercise, public speaking, joy and financial abundance easier than ever to do.

Some of the programming sources you encounter are:

  • parents
  • siblings
  • relatives
  • television
  • radio
  • teachers
  • music
  • your peers

The programming received from the above sources can be either positive or negative but more often than not you will receive more negative programming from external sources. Television, radio and music CDs are filled with negative programming. You can prove this to yourself be being conscious of the shows you watch, the lyrics of the music you listen to and even the ads and commercials you are exposed to. Notice how often violence, hatred, heart break, diseases and dysfunctional relationships are discussed or exploited for entertainment.

You can take control of the programming of your brain. You choose what you listen to but there are times you need help from self help CDs to erase years of negative programming so you can achieve your true potential. There are very few self help companies with quality products that actually work but the ones that do can transform your life within a few weeks or months.

As you may have noticed, not all titles are directly related to your health and well being. I included them because your financial health affects your stress level which indirectly affects your health. How you feel about yourself, relate to others and your relationships all directly or indirectly affect your health so it is important to take control of the programming you feed your brain. You can make yourself the person you choose to be with less stress than you thought possible just by thinking differently.

Depression is associated with many ailments and can hinder your recovery. Nutrition is important to your health because proper nutrition gives the body what it needs to heal itself. Exercise has been proven to help you stay healthy and keep your weight under control. Ending depression without drugs or therapy, eating right and exercising are important but we often feel to overwhelmed with our circumstances to do what’s right. The programs listed above let you insert a CD and listen to messages that will help you reprogram your mind. Add in writing out the affirmations and reading them and you are creating a new you with a multimedia approach that you can do successfully with minimal effort. You have the ability to be the source of your own self help.

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Your body is the greatest remedy there is. You need to take care of three major components so your body’s natural defenses and healing abilities are operating at peak efficiency but do not underestimate the power of your body to heal.

The 3 Things YOU Control

  1. Your nutrition – The quality of the nutrition and the amounts you give your body will go a long way in determining if it has enough fuel to function as designed.

    1. Water intake – The amount of water you drink and its quality will determine whether your body has enough fluid to carry nutrients to the cells and waste away from the cells. Your water level is also your body’s built in air conditioner which helps regulate your body temperature.

    2. The food you eat – If you feed your body organic foods, fruits and vegetables; you are providing nutrients in forms easily used by your body to benefit you the most. A diet of fast food and processed foods gives your body lower quality nutrients and in lower quantities so you are effectively malnourished even though the amount of food appears sufficient.

  2. Your exercise – Your muscles and bodily functions perform better when exercised. By taking the time each day to stretch then do either strength training or cardio training, you are keeping your circulation healthier, muscles stronger which helps boos your metabolism, your heart healthier and your stress down. Thirty to forty five minutes a day will yield great physical and emotional benefits.

  3. Your mind – Your mind is so powerful that scientists still don’t know how powerful it is. One of the most powerful examples I can think of that demonstrates the raw power of the mind is the split personality. The medical profession has documented cases of two or more distinct personalities living within the same body. In some cases, these personalities are so radically different that the different personalities have different eye colors. Don’t you think that a mind that’s capable of changing your eye color when your personality changes is capable of healing just about any ailment or disease it encounters if give the proper tools.

When available, locally grown organic foods are the best for freshness. Depending on the season and where you live, locally grown and all organic diets may not be financially possible. Liquid supplements that contain the core minerals and vitamins may be necessary to supplement your diet.

Exercise is important but expensive gym memberships or exercise equipment isn’t. The important thing is to ensure you are using the correct form during your exercises and doing them consistently.

Maintaining the right mental attitude isn’t easy or natural for everyone but you can install the proper beliefs with the right self help CDs. Eating For Excellent Health Now! is the first CD that most people should use to program themselves for a long and happy life. I Love Exercising Now! is a great tool to program yourself to enjoy exercising rather than seeing it as a chore. I Am Healed Now! is a tool that programs your mind to help you both get and stay healthy. You don’t need to alter your current medical procedures to have this help you. The goal is to teach your mind to help your body become the healing machine it is designed to be. Your brain working with your body is the greatest possible remedy.

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Ask Dr. Wayne Garland a specialist in natural remedies and natural products.

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