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I felt compelled to write an effective article highlighting how to prevent and treat genital herpes naturally after finding out that a shocking 20%+ of the population is infected with this condition. While debilitating (there still is no cure), there are ways to prevent outbreaks and treat genital herpes naturally without expensive drugs. In fact the natural course of remedy I am going to recommend has been proven to be as effective as conventional rx drugs used to keep herpes symptoms at bay and speed up recovery time when outbreaks do occur.

The best thing you can do to prevent symptoms by far is controlling your levels of stress and avoiding the amino acid arginine as much as you possibly can.

So how do you control stress?

The best known practices include meditation, hypnosis, physical exercise, yoga and breathing exercises just to name a few.

The amino acid Lysine has been proven critical in natural herpes prevention and treatment. Lysine 500 mg capsules daily is the standard.

Want a real strong and steady daily course for preventing herpes symptoms?

Add these to your daily supplement list and you’ll help prevent symptoms as effectively as you would by taking the popular genital herpes prescription medications on a daily basis.

The most effective natural genital herpes prevention supplementation includes:

Lysine 500 mg capsules

Vitamin C 1000 mg (once daily and 3000-4000mg daily when outbreaks occur for speedy recovery)

Zinc 50 mg daily

Vitamin E 400 I.U. daily

Vitamin A 10,000 I.U. daily

Extra-Strength, proven Homeopathy?

Tarragon tea has strong antiviral properties. Make a teaspoon of tarragon steeped in a cup of hot water. Drink the tea up to three times a day. Steep the teaspoon with a lemon balm tea bag for better taste and a more stronger remedy.

Cantharis soothes the burning and blistering bumps caused by herpes virus from the inside out.

The prescription? 30C preparation of this tea three times daily during an outbreak.

The ultra-strong natural, effective remedies in this short genital herpes treatment guide are proven to be as effective as prescription herpes medications in treating and preventing genital herpes outbreaks.

It is also highly recommended to control your stress levels as mentioned previously. Hypnosis seems to work wonders for stress and anxiety reduction but must be done frequently to first reach the desired effect as well as maintain stress and anxiety reduction.

A general all-around holistic approach to combating genital herpes is really the best way to go about treating herpes. The side effects from conventional rx genital herpes medications can be devastating which is why I always advocate natural therapy over drug therapy, especially when it’s proven to be effective.

With all the modern and ancient therapeutic therapies there is no need to suffer frequent genital herpes outbreaks as this can be greatly reduced, if not even altogether prevented. Yes, there are a few people with genital herpes that have achieved wonderful results in preventing recurring outbreaks.

By following the recommendations in this guide you can be sure to see some improvement in preventing genital herpes outbreaks and shortening the length and severity of outbreaks.

Joey Capone is a fitness expert specializing in sports medicine and is the editor of the popular men’s health blog,

His blog is updated daily with free quality advice on enhancing your looks, feeling your best and creating success in every area of your life. The blog’s keyline motto is”Look better, Feel better, Create Success”!

He is also the writer/creator of the increasingly popular Face Sculptor facial exercises for men and the Men’s Life Zine’s Ultimate Anti-Aging, Body & Success Bible which can be found at

As Joey states in this article, the human body has amazing recuperative powers if we give it the nutrition it needs to work as designed. Providing the proper mental attitude helps the brain work with your body to regenerate itself and fight off diseases.
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