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Depression has many different causes and different levels of severity. A medical professional or a family member may say you have a mild depression but it feels severe to you because you are the one living it. You may be depressed if you always feel the blah’s, sleep much more than usual, have trouble sleeping, are never in the mood to be around others or have a good time, your disposition changes from sunny to being down or even disliking yourself and a sudden loss of self confidence. There are other symptoms but those are a few.

The diagnosis and treatment of severe depression is often done by psychologists and they use everything from drugs to treat the symptoms to psychotherapy. How much or how little success is achieved with these treatments varies with each individual.

Too many people that are experiencing depression go through a period of denial before acknowledging the problem. Be honest with yourself and admit you have a problem so the treatment can be easier and you start living a life that you enjoy faster.

Some recognized types of depression are:

Menopause and Depression
Pregnancy Depression
And More

Moving, losing a loved one, weather changes and serious illnesses or injuries can also trigger depression so please don’t think you are alone or that there isn’t help available for you or a loved one.

There are some very good self help resources and tools out there for those of you that wish to attack depression in the comfort and safety of your own home. I would like to invite you to visit Think Right Now to pick up their free ‘Life Transformation Kit’ to see if what they offer can help you.

Between the website at Think Right Now and the ‘Life Transformation Kit’, you will see the options available to you, learn how their products work and see case stories from some customers.

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