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Yes! Iodine helps your thyroid function as it’s designed to and the hormones it creates help your overall health. The amount of iodine you need is recommended to be 150mcg (microgram) per day. Too much iodine or iodine deficiencies both create health problems. Pregnant women with iodine deficiencies are at risk of giving birth to a child that’s mentally retarded or one with severe motor skill problems. Infants that have iodine deficiencies face the some potential problems with motor skill problems and retardation that newborns face.

Adults that have an iodine deficiency may develop hypothyroidism which is caused by too little iodine and can manifest itself with a slower metabolic rate which could lead to excess weight and low energy. Other problems associated with hypothyroidism may be forgetfulness, personality changes, skin that’s yellowish, dry or scaly and depression. An enlarged thyroid gland which is called goiter is also a possibility.

Hyperthyroidism can also manifest itself in people with excessive iodine in their systems. These manifestations may be in the form of goiter, irregular heart rates, palpitations, sweats, nervousness, tremors, increased activity or eye abnormalities.

Some of the natural sources for iodine are: sea water, kelp, some types of seafood, citrus products such as oranges and grapefruit, egg yolks and garlic.

Many Americans get their iodine from iodized salt but this isn’t a good way because table salt isn’t good for you.

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