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Nutrisystems has been around a long time and they have helped many with short term weight loss. This article discusses using them for permanent loss.

Do you need Nutri System to lose weight? Absolutely Not!

You DO need:

  • To know how many calories you are consuming each day, when they are consumed and what foods you are eating in what quantities. (Reducing your daily caloric intake by more than 20% puts your body in starvation mode so you are burning muscle instead of losing fat.)

  • To know WHY you are over eating. Many people eat as a coping mechanism when they are sad, depressed, stressed or afraid.

  • To know how to reprogram your mind. Losing weight and keeping it off requires a change in your lifestyle and this requires changing your mindset and habits.

  • To understand nutrition. You cannot give your body what it needs to stay healthy without understanding nutrition.

  • To know how to exercise, when to exercise, what exercises are best for you and WHY exercising is so important to your fat loss program.

  • A support group that can help you stay focused without judging you. (Family and friends are seldom good as a support group because they usually won’t be honest when you mess up.)

If you already have everything on the above list, you don’t really need nutrisystems or any other weight loss (fat loss) program. If you lack knowledge in any of these areas, I recommend you give nutrisystems advanced a very serious look because their prepackaged meals can help you with portion control and eating 5-6 times a day so you never feel hungry while you are both losing weight and learning how to keep it off with proper nutrition and exercise.

Wouldn’t it be nice to permanently cross weight loss off your to do list with the help of nutrisystems?

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