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You are surrounded by fungus and some of it may be either fingernail fungus or toenail fungus. If you are unlucky enough to have either, I’m willing to bet it is a toenail fungal infection.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a nail fungal infection, you probably know the nails can have a yellow tint or a brown discoloration. You may or may not be living with nails that are thick, brittle, break or shed on own.

You know nails like this are unsightly, disfiguring, embarrassing and painful most of the time.

Toenail fungus is a contagious disease that can happen to any one and it can spread on contact.

This video gives you some of the more common home remedies you will see being touted in many places online. One thing they ALL have in common is that they will take months to work IF they work for you. I say IF because not all remedies work for everyone.

You might be able to avoid toenail fungus in the future by taking a few precautions.

* Thoroughly wash and dry your feet after using public areas like swimming pools, locker rooms or spas.

* If your feet sweat, wear cotton socks to absorb the moisture.

* Replace wet socks with dry ones as soon as possible BUT be sure to thoroughly dry your feet before putting on the dry socks.

* Wear shoes that are comfortable and allow both air and moisture to pass through them.

* Do NOT share towels, washcloths, the shower or any other personal items with someone already suffering from toenail fungus.

* Avoid using toenail polish and keep them cut short.

There are many natural remedies for toenail fungus and some expensive prescription solutions available. With spring and summer quickly approaching, do you really want to spend months using some home remedy that may or may not get rid of your toenail fungus?

Grab Nail That Fungus Forever and quickly gain the relief from toenail fungus that you are seeking.

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Ask Dr. Wayne Garland a specialist in natural remedies and natural products.

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bad breath

Bad breath can cause you a lot of embarrassing problems or worse in both your personal and professional lives. There are home remedies you can try if you cannot afford a doctor or dental visit or choose to treat yourself first.You don’t have to let your bad breath ruin the taste of your food, strain a relationship or stop your career from progressing.

Brushing and Flossing

Good oral hygiene is your first and best home remedy for bad breath since about 85% of most cases of halitosis are caused in the mouth itself. Rotting teeth, food decaying between the teeth or between the teeth and gums are big contributors to the bad odor coming from your mouth. The diet you eat may also contribute to either short term or long term bad breath.

Take good care of your teeth and gums may seem like obvious advice but you’d be surprised how many dentists say the majority of us fail to cover the basics.


You may not know this but adding a little avocado to your diet is a good way to ease your chronic bad breath. This little known home remedy has the potential to help many people and everyone around them that is affected by the air coming from the mouth of a bad breath sufferer.

Check the produce aisle of your favorite grocery store for the avocados so you can try this remedy.

Reduce Protein Intake

Proteins from beef, pork and chicken are major contributors to chronic bad breath. Most of us fail to chew each bite we eat to a liquid before swallowing so the meat and poultry we eat does not get fully digested as it passes through our digestive tract. This means you probably have decaying meat somewhere in your digestive system that is spewing out gas that finds its way out of your body through your mouth.

Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and fewer proteins from meat and poultry and I’m sure you’ll the number of people that are willing to come close to you rise.

This has to be one of the most enjoyable bad breath home remedies out there.

Drink Enough Water

A dry mouth is often a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes bad breath. Proper hydration is achieved by drinking enough water, adding fresh fruits and vegetables which are full of water in addition to the nutrition and fiber they provide and from other beverages you consume.

These are a few simple home remedies for bad breath which may or may not work for you. I recommend you check out the book No More Bad Breath and Gum Disease: How I Banished My Bad Breath and Gum Disease For Life to see if it may be a better fit for the elimination of your bad breath.

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Herbal Tea Remedies is a great collection of 88 different herbal tea recipes. While it does a good job of presenting the 88 recipes it lists, I think the author should have added some of the other teas that have proven beneficial at preventing ailments. Green tea comes to mind as something that should have been included for its benefits to our bodies but it wasn’t.

I’ve listed the table of contents here so you can see the 88 tea recipes you will receive with this book:

21st Century Tea
ADD/ADHD Remetea
After Dinner Carminative Tea
Allergy Season Blend
Aphrodite Blend Tea
Bladder Infections Tea
Blood Builder Tea
Blossoms of Health Tea
Blues Tea
Breast Health Tea
Bronchial Congestion Tea
Calming Tea 1
Calming Tea 2
Colds and Flu Tea
Colds and Hoarseness Tea
Winter Tea
Coughing Fits Tea
Crone Root Tea
Detoxification Tea
Dream Tea
Dual Purpose Tea
Echinacea & Roots Tea
Evening Repose Tea
Fever Reducer Tea
Flashes Blend Tea
Fluid Retention Tea
Tea for menstrual problems, fertility and childbirth.
Forests Tea(formerly Lung Blend)
Happy Man Tea Blend
Happy Tummy Tea
Headache Tea
Healing Ginger tea
Less Stress Tea
Mellow Mood Tea
Memory Zest Blend
Moon Ease Tea
My Nerves Are Shot Tea!
Natural Concentration Tea
Nausea Tea
Nervous Stomach Tea
Nervous Tension Tea
“No-Sweat” Tea
Pinkeye tea recipe
Pleasant Dreams
Quiet Child Tea
Quiet Time Tea
Rejuvenation Tea
Relaxation Tea
Sleep Tea Recipe
Soothing Tea
Spiced Relief
Tea For Health
Tea for Nervousness
Tummy Tea
Upset Stomach Tea
Urinary Infection Tea
Winter Tea
Wise Woman Tea
Beauty From the Inside out!
Tea – Patti’s Pain Killer
Stress-Reducing Rest
Soar throat
Licorice root
Slippery Elm
The Common Cold
Stomach ache
Fever buster Tea
Dry, raspy cough
Aches and Pains Tea
Blood Builder Tea
Constipation Tea
Cramp Tea
Detox Tea
Dry Congestion Tea
During cold or sinus season Tea
Epilepsy Combination
Tea For Digestive Problems
Heartburn Tea
Hops Sleep Blend
Memory Minder Tea
Stop that Cough Tea
Super Relaxer Tea
Tranquility Tea
Very Odd Cure for Bad Breath
Baby Sleep Tea
Depression Tamer Tea

This Ultimate Collection of Herbal Tea Remedies is priced at $9.95 and you can download it immediately after buying it. Doesn’t your household deserve this great resource? Grab your 33 page copy of these herbal tea remedies and recipes for the teas that’ll help you or a loved one.

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Organic apple cider vinegar has been part of folk remedies, home remedies and natural treatments for centuries. Many people have enjoyed the benefits of apple cider vinegar for the treatment of gallstones, weight loss, colds, naturally lower blood pressure, acne, asthma, and arthritis pain among other ailments.

White vinegar has many household uses that allow you to clean without using harsh and expensive chemicals. Cleaning your microwave, cutting boards, dishes, tile floors and more has never been easier.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar are many and varied. If you browse through some of the remedies on this site, you will find several that use apple cider vinegar and you will benefit the most when it is organic. If your local health store doesn’t carry organic apple cider vinegar, you can buy it online.

There is no need to expand on the ailments apple cider vinegar can help here when we’ve listed a few elsewhere for you to enjoy and use. You can also find a longer list of medical conditions that have been treated with apple cider vinegar based remedies by visiting the Vinegar Uses page where you can get both Vinegar for Your Health and Vinegar for Cleaning for $6.95. These are 2 no fluff PDF’s that give recipes for remedies and for cleaning.

I’ve used some of the remedies and cleaning formulas in these reports and they do work and have saved me much more than the price of these reports. They are short enough to print and keep as a reference rather than constantly going online. Everyone that takes the time to do the research will see the benefits of apple cider vinegar and why it should be part of your life.

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Ask Dr. Wayne Garland a specialist in natural remedies and natural products.

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