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Copper is a trace mineral you would have trouble living without. The highest concentration of copper can be found in your brain but it is also important to hemoglobin and red blood cell formation, your body’s healing processes, development of your hair and skin color, your bones, blood, skin, nerves and connective tissues.

Some of the signs of copper deficiency may be: anemia, high LDL cholesterol, baldness, impaired immune function, early aging signs, joint dysfunction and pain, slow healing sores, brain disturbances, low energy, general weakness, artery wall damage, aneurysms ruptures or cardiovascular disease.

Having too much copper in your system can cause nausea, vomiting or diarrhea with mega high levels adversely affecting the absorption of zinc.

We’ve told you the bad and the ugly now it’s time to tell you what good copper is. Copper helps your body make elastin and collagen which are the connective tissues of your skin, heart, blood vessels, and lungs. Copper is also involved in hair and skin coloring, taste sensitivity, energy production and in the healing process. Nerves and joints need copper to be healthy.

Keep your copper levels where they should be to help your body prevent heart disease, high cholesterol, artery wall damage, chronic fatigue, arthritis, osteoporosis, skin dryness/inelasticity, Alzheimer’s disease, immune dysfunctionality, anemia or baldness.

Some of the natural sources of copper are: green leafy vegetables, beans and legumes, almonds, prunes, beef liver, oysters and other shellfish and other organ meats.

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This article will compare medical professionals from mainstream medicine to medical professionals in alternative medical practices so you can be the judge on which is best for you.

There are many doctors that care about their patients and they want to help them live a better life but mainstream medical schools do not provide them the education they need to do the job. Many practitioners of alternative medicines are taught to look at the patient as a whole and not just at the specific symptoms or ailment that’s being complained about.

Mainstream medical schools do a good job of teaching their students anatomy and recognizing different diseases. They also teach them how to treat the symptoms of the disease but there are very few, if any, classes that teach the importance of including the whole lifestyle and nutritional habits of their patients in the care plan. This type of teaching is disease oriented instead of prevention based.

In some areas of the Far East, medical professionals have their pay based on the health of their patients. If a patient becomes ill, the pay is reduced.

Practitioners of alternative medicine are often taught to work with nature and their patients to try to create a harmony that restores health and well being. This approach forces the professional to look at the person, their lifestyle, their nutritional habits and their total being.

Here are a few conditions that may be treated without prescription medicines with the right medical professional:

Heart disease – This is a growing problem in the world as more people adopt the western lifestyle of too much fat food and too little exercise. Mainstream medical doctors have a wide assortment of pills and surgical procedures available to them but they are just treating the symptoms. Dr. Robert D. Willix Jr., M.D. quit his practice of heart surgery at the height of his career because he was tired of treating the disease and wanted to move to the prevention and reversal of the problem. “How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart disease – Without Drugs or Surgery” is one of the results of his switch.

Migraine headaches – In our article Is Magnesium a Miracle Mineral?, we discussed how a high percentage of migraine headaches are caused by a mineral deficiency. Since mainstream medicine doesn’t have enough nutrition classes for their doctors, many don’t have the skill set needed to recommend anything other than the pills presented by pharmaceutical companies.

High cholesterol or triglycerides – A friend of mine was recently told his triglyceride level was too high and he was given a prescription for a medicine that had a $130 price tag for a month’s supply. The doctor gave him enough samples to last about 2 weeks. During this 2 week period, he experienced pains in his legs every day as a side effect from the prescribed medication. This friend is currently studying alternative medical options and therapies and he asked the doctor if no flush niacin in a certain dosage would yield the same results and the doctor said yes. A 100 day supply of no flush niacin was purchased and delivered for less than $40. the pain vanished once the prescription medicine was stopped and the no flush niacin was started.

Acne – Studies are increasingly showing the root cause of acne is hormones out of balance. There is a whole industry surrounding the treatment of acne and many of the products use chemicals that leach toxins into your body through your skin. There are natural alternatives that work with your body to remove the pimples without adding poison to your body.

Cancer – Mainstream medicine has made great strides in treating cancer but the treatment often includes surgery followed by radiation, chemo therapy or both. I’m not advising anyone to ignore mainstream medicine but alternative medicine has been helping cancer patients for years with some amazing results. Natural Cancer Treatments is a resource you should read to inform yourself of options you may not otherwise hear about.

More mainstream medical professionals are choosing to learn about some of the alternative medical options available. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to check out both mainstream and alternative options for your medical care to see which works best for you.

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Presented by Natural Remedies Products Staff - Natural Remedies Products

Ask Dr. Wayne Garland a specialist in natural remedies and natural products.

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