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Your overall health is affected by both your eating habits and lifestyle. If you listen to the myths mentioned below, you may not be as healthy as you could be.

Myth 1 – Don’t Eat Before Working Out

Attempting to exercise when you haven’t eaten anything or properly hydrated is about the same as trying to run your car on low water and gas neither will function properly. You’ve probably experienced the overheating of car when it’s low on water and maybe even the sputtering and stalling of an engine without gas.

Your stomach often rumbles when it needs fuel. If you don’t feed it before working out, you risk a less than productive exercise session. A failure to properly hydrate before working out could lead to muscle cramps or worse.

Water and some fruit or another natural snack will do your body good.

Myth 2 – Energy Bars and Energy Drinks Replace Meals

These items are fine once in awhile but they don’t deliver all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, fluids and other nutrients you need for optimal health.

Myth 3 – Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast gives your body its wakeup call. Your metabolism wakes up which produces your energy and helps regulate your weight. Fail to eat this meal and you will probably notice a lack of energy most of the day, a tiredness that remains even after eating and the possibility of a hunger that can’t be satisfied.

Myth 4 – Low Carb Diets Are Good

Your body needs carbohydrates for your muscles and the storing of energy. Any diet that limits or completely excludes a group of nutrients that your body needs is going to harm your long term health.

Myth 5 – Eating Everything You Want

Your body needs certain nutrients to operate at its best even if you don’t exercise like you should. When you eat an unbalanced diet, even IF you exercise, you are failing to provide your body what it needs to maintain good health and naturally fight off illness and disease.

Myth 6 – Calorie Deprivation Is Good

Weight loss requires the reduction in the number of calories you consume each day but a reduction of more than 20% puts your body into starvation mode. In this mode, the food you eat is stored as fat rather than burned for energy AND your energy is derived by burning muscle. A gradual reduction in your food intake plus an increase in exercise is necessary for weight loss but rapid weight loss might mean you aren’t eating enough.

Myth 7 – Drinking Soda and Alcohol is Okay

Water and natural juices are the best beverages for you to drink. Sodas either offer calories with no nutritional value or artificial ingredients. There is conflicting data on the benefits of alcohol but it is widely accepted that alcohol can cause problems in many situations. Drink plenty of water at regular intervals and don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink. There are many situations where your body is already dehydrated by the time you are thirsty.

Making a conscious effort to eat healthy is always the first step towards feeling better and living a healthier life. A healthy diet and exercise regimen can do a lot in fighting the stress time and your lifestyle can place on your body.

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