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Hair loss prevention is something everyone can do but most don’t. This article discusses hair loss and how hair loss may relate to your overall health.

Your hair falling out may have nothing to do with your hair and everything to do with your overall health. Hair loss may be a sign that you have a health issue that needs to be addressed.

Hair loss is experienced by both men and women for many reasons.

Cancer, hypothyroidism, severe stress, major surgery, child birth, mycotic infections, toxins and people that stress their hair with ponytails or corn rows may all experience hair loss. Heredity may or may not influence hair loss. Mineral deficiencies may also cause hair loss or prevent proper hair growth. As you can see from this list, many of the causes of hair loss are physiological in nature and can be addressed.

Natural Hair Loss Remedy

A single natural hair loss remedy does strong>not exist and never will. Each person is physiologically unique and has unique external forces that cause various levels of stress and toxins in the body. Commercial products that treat only the hair loss may or may not help but they do not address the underlying cause of the problem. Home remedies for hair loss may work for some people and not others. The best thing you can do is make sure you are giving your body the proper minerals and vitamins it needs to improve your health so your body can make the repairs it needs to your body so it can then begin to grow hair in healthy hair follicles that you still have.

“Hair Loss No More” is an eBook that was written by Jonathon E. Phillips that gives you a step-by-step guide that helps you address your overall health, well being and to regain hair. This eBook may just be a natural hair loss solution that works for you as part of your overall health care and hair loss prevention program.

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