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Have you ever seen anyone that is hunched over and taking slow careful steps instead of walking upright and wondered why? There may be a medical condition or bone problems which was the result of poor nutrition but the answer might also be that the person never exercised to stretch their muscles. Sitting at a desk for hours on end then not taking the time to stretch the muscles to their fullest extent when you get up may cause them to shrink over time so you cannot fully stretch the muscle without pain. If you spend part of your day doing a single task for hours at a time, you are a candidate for the stooped slow walk unless you start exercising your core muscles on a regular basis.

What Are The Core Muscles?

The core muscle groups that make up your core muscles are found at the oblique’s, glutes, abdominals and lower back. As you can see, these four muscle areas cover the main muscles that control your posture. Keep these muscles stretched, healthy and strong enough to maintain a good posture and you’ll be helping yourself remain upright and more mobile.

Think about the muscles you are using the next time you perform any physical activity. It can be walking, lifting, reaching, rowing or any other activity. I’m sure that one or more of your core muscle groups will help you in the activity. Now that you know how important these muscles are you might take more time to stretch and strengthen them so they can serve you well for a very long time.

Your Back Loves Strong Core Muscles

As you stretch and flex your upper chest and trunk muscles including the abdominals, you are also stretching the muscles that extend back to your spine.

When you are working on your core muscles, you are stretching and strengthening the muscles of your lower back and buttocks too. The muscles in the front of your thighs and your hip flexors are also benefiting from your workout.

By taking 10 minutes to do a smooth static stretch all of your core muscles, you are increasing flexibility, warming your muscles up for any physical activity you may undertake and working out stiffness that may have set in from the inactivity you endured for hours.

Add strength training to your core muscle stretches and you are setting yourself up for a more enjoyable life with good posture and fewer injuries.

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