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Self help begins between your ears. Basic programming is installed by your genetic code before you are born. After you are born, your parents and everything you encounter adds new programming. You can banish depression, anger, panic, anxiety and low self esteem by changing how you think. Change the way you think and you can make eating healthy, exercise, public speaking, joy and financial abundance easier than ever to do.

Some of the programming sources you encounter are:

  • parents
  • siblings
  • relatives
  • television
  • radio
  • teachers
  • music
  • your peers

The programming received from the above sources can be either positive or negative but more often than not you will receive more negative programming from external sources. Television, radio and music CDs are filled with negative programming. You can prove this to yourself be being conscious of the shows you watch, the lyrics of the music you listen to and even the ads and commercials you are exposed to. Notice how often violence, hatred, heart break, diseases and dysfunctional relationships are discussed or exploited for entertainment.

You can take control of the programming of your brain. You choose what you listen to but there are times you need help from self help CDs to erase years of negative programming so you can achieve your true potential. There are very few self help companies with quality products that actually work but the ones that do can transform your life within a few weeks or months.

As you may have noticed, not all titles are directly related to your health and well being. I included them because your financial health affects your stress level which indirectly affects your health. How you feel about yourself, relate to others and your relationships all directly or indirectly affect your health so it is important to take control of the programming you feed your brain. You can make yourself the person you choose to be with less stress than you thought possible just by thinking differently.

Depression is associated with many ailments and can hinder your recovery. Nutrition is important to your health because proper nutrition gives the body what it needs to heal itself. Exercise has been proven to help you stay healthy and keep your weight under control. Ending depression without drugs or therapy, eating right and exercising are important but we often feel to overwhelmed with our circumstances to do what’s right. The programs listed above let you insert a CD and listen to messages that will help you reprogram your mind. Add in writing out the affirmations and reading them and you are creating a new you with a multimedia approach that you can do successfully with minimal effort. You have the ability to be the source of your own self help.

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Manganese is another trace element found in almost all living organisms. The name manganese is derived from the Greek word for magic. The name’s origin fits because scientists are still trying to understand the diverse effects on living organisms of manganese deficiency and toxicity.

This mineral plays an important role in the healthy development of cartilage and bone and the production of collagen used in wound healing. The metabolism of cholesterol, amino acids and carbohydrates is done by enzymes activated by manganese. Sex hormone production, enzyme activation and glucose metabolism are all affected by manganese. The brain, muscles, thyroid, nerves, and mammary glands are all influenced by enzymes associated with manganese if if not directly by manganese itself.

Manganese deficiencies may be indicated by dizziness, hearing loss, ear noises and muscle coordination problems.

Some foods that are rich in manganese are kelp, spinach, leafy vegetables, beets, nuts and whole grains. Note: As much as 75 percent of the manganese in wheat is lost when it it processed into flour.

While manganese may not be the cause of diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma, allergies, fatigue and epilepsy; it may help in the management of them.

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I know you’ve been taught the importance of calcium for good bones but phosphorus is another of the 9 minerals that are used in your bones. 88% of the Phosphorus you have in your body is found in your bones. In addition to being an important part of your bone structure; the remaining 12% of the phosphorous in your body is used by your brain, heart, kidneys, nerves, and teeth.

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is the method used to deliver cellular energy. Phosphorous is a vital component in the structural framework of both RNA and DNA. Cell growth and repair uses phosphorous in the cell membrane. The calcium and sugar metabolisms are influenced by phosphorous and oxygen delivery and utilization is affected by the phosphorous attached to your hemoglobin. Phosphorous helps your body maintain the proper pH balance and helps with a number of enzymes and hormones.

Phosphorous is utilized by almost everything that lives so a balanced diet will generally provide all the dietary phosphorous you’ll need with some of the foods sources for phosphorous being: whole grains, seeds, nuts, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy products.

We usually excrete excess phosphorous when we urinate so an excess is uncommon. Phosphorous deficiencies aren’t common in properly nourished people but some of the signs of deficiency may be: obesity, weight loss, loss of appetite, nervousness, irregular breathing and fatigue.

Phosphorous, calcium and vitamin D interact with each other so improper levels of one will affect the levels of other two.

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The highest levels of magnesium in your body is found in the brain, heart, liver and kidney. Magnesium also helps with more than 300 enzymatic functions. You may not have much medical knowledge but common sense should tell you the body is going to place the nutrients where they are most often used. If you accept that the body is placing the highest concentration of magnesium where it’s needed most, then your heart brain, liver and kidney use a lot of magnesium and a deficiency of this mineral will create problems for you..

“Magnesium by IV is the first treatment that people coming to our clinic with chronic migraines usually receives.” Debra Milligan R.N.

Vitamin D cannot be converted to a biologically usable form the body can use to absorb and utilize calcium unless magnesium is present.

Magnesium is associated with these body components and functions:

  • Arteries
  • Bones – Magnesium is one of 11 known nutrients needed for building bone.
  • Heart
  • Muscles
  • Nerves
  • Teeth

Your acid/alkaline balance, blood sugar, metabolism (energy), and metabolism (calcium and vitamin C) are all influenced by the level of magnesium in your body and this mineral is vital in regulating the cellular membrane permeability and neuromuscular excitability in your ears.

Magnesium is important to your muscle function and you lose magnesium during exercise. The loss of this mineral during exercise is part of the reason many experience muscle cramps. Sports drinks many consume while exercising or after exercising do not usually contain magnesium. The loss of magnesium during exercise may also explain some of the heart problems athletes sometimes have during physical activity.

Some of the problems that are treated with magnesium supplements in addition to migraines are: heart attacks, erratic heart beats, heart conditions, high cholesterol, depression, kidney stones, nervousness, prostrate troubles, sensitivity to noise, chronic fatigue, stomach acidity, tooth decay, overweight and alcoholism.

As you can see, magnesium touches almost every major organ that’s active, it helps with your bones and enzymatic functions you need to survive and thrive. You decide whether magnesium is a miracle mineral or not.

One final thought is that magnesium or any other mineral cannot be utilized by the body if it isn’t able to conduct electricity or reach the areas of the body that needs it. I strongly recommend you consider all natural plant based sources for any supplements you may need.

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Ask Dr. Wayne Garland a specialist in natural remedies and natural products.

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