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Your self esteem, confidence in your abilities and even your identity is at risk when you have a chronic disease, illness or life altering event that reshapes your outlook on life.

A child with asthma or diabetes has to deal with being unable to do some things or taking medication to be as close to ‘normal’ as possible. Because of their medical conditions, these children may be teased or feel left out which is a serious blow to their self esteem. Kids can be cruel to anyone that is even slightly different so building a positive self image can be a nightmare. Do you remember seeing children that were left out of activities because of their medical problems, their lack of a support group and the tough times they faced?

Every child that is seen as different whether from an illness, injury or just being new to the area should, in my opinion, have Real Self-Esteem Now! (9-13 yrs) and Supreme Confidence Now! to help them build a positive self image. Their peers may help that in the future but at the point of being new, ill or injured they will feel alone and isolated.

Teenagers that have serious illnesses or injuries seldom face the peer put downs younger children do but they still take a serious hit to their self esteem and confidence.

Like teenagers with serious health issues or injuries, adults suffer with the need to rebuild their self esteem and confidence.

Let’s use a few health examples to illustrate my point.

Cancer – Children with cancer aren’t usually taunted by their peers but they often have low self esteem because they feel like outsiders looking in. teenagers and adults suffering with cancer take an even bigger hit to their self image because they’ve had more time to establish their identity.

Spinal Cord Injury – Children may get teased at first because of the wheelchair but the cool factor of the wheelchair may blunt the teasing or eliminate it entirely. They’ll still feel like outsiders because their activities are somewhat limited. Because of these limitations, their self esteem and confidence in their abilities may suffer.

Teenagers with spinal cord injuries have had a longer time to establish their self esteem, confidence and identity so this type of injury will knock the wind out of them and their plans. Many will struggle for years to feel good about themselves and quite a few will never like themselves as much as they did prior to the injury. Their confidence in their future and how they are going to handle life has just been tossed out the window. The work required to help these teens cope and rebuild their confidence and self esteem is massive and many relatives are NOT much help because THEY are adapting to the changes in their loved ones.

Adults have usually had time to establish both their self image and careers before they experience a spinal cord injury so this life altering experience often destroys careers, relationships, how they feel about themselves and their confidence. Imagine your world being turned upside down in an instant.

You may have to fight for your life before you start rehabilitation. You are in a hospital so privacy isn’t something you’ll have. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need lifelong assistance feeding yourself, urinating and having bowel movements. Don’t you think any one of these will batter your self image?

While you are in rehab, you are classified as a paraplegic or a quadriplegic. Your identity prior to your injury does not exist in this environment. After you complete rehab, you may or may not be able to resume your career. Even if you are able to return to your previous career, you may find that you will need adaptive devices or adjustments to your work station to accommodate your wheelchair. You may also find that your co-workers will treat you differently. Each of these may or may not affect your self image but you will feel the effects as they are all added together. Don’t you think your self esteem will suffer from a one to two year absence from work then having to play catch up from a totally different perspective about the world and your place in it? How shaken do you think your confidence in your ability to provide for yourself, your loved ones and your retirement will be?

You don’t have to have cancer, a spinal cord injury, stroke, diabetes or any other life altering illness or injury to have your self esteem, confidence or other core mental condition affected. Your brain is an organic computer that is constantly having its programming altered by life experiences, health and every sensory input you receive.

The input you receive doesn’t have to be within your conscious awareness to affect you. Positive and negative input is received daily from multiple sources and how much you receive and you interpret this data will determine your future actions.

I cannot recommend strongly enough that you visit Think Right Now and read the multiple testimonials for each of the areas that you or a loved one may need to improve. Anyone facing a chronic health condition, serious illness or life altering injury should have the self esteem, supreme confidence and I am healed now CDs in their arsenal of tools for dealing with life. I wish these tools had been available when I broke my neck diving in 1969 because I’m sure they would have sped up my adjustment to my new life. I’m equally sure you will experience big benefits like thousands of others should you choose to use these tools. The testimonials for I am healed now are particularly inspiring.

Asthma, diabetes, spinal cord injuries and cancer are just a few examples of medical problems that can turn your thinking away from the positives in life to focusing on your problem which is self destructive in many ways. I’m willing to bet that you know of at least one person with a medical problem that would benefit from one or more of these self help CDs or one of the others not mentioned here. Think Right Now has a 6 month warranty on each product so the risk factor doesn’t come into play. If you take the time to read the pages on the website AND the testimonials from actual users, you may find that a problem can be eliminated or made a LOT more bearable.

I Am Healed Now! may not heal everything but it creates in you a mindset that gives your body and mind a fighting chance.

Real Self-Esteem Now! helps you like yourself so you want to get better.

Real Self-Esteem Now! (9-13 yrs) helps your 9-13 year old children like themselves so they want to get better.

Supreme Confidence Now! helps give you the core belief that you can overcome any illness, injury or obstacle life throws at you.

Your self esteem, identity and confidence don’t have to suffer as much because of a serious illness, injury or life altering event.

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Organic apple cider vinegar has been part of folk remedies, home remedies and natural treatments for centuries. Many people have enjoyed the benefits of apple cider vinegar for the treatment of gallstones, weight loss, colds, naturally lower blood pressure, acne, asthma, and arthritis pain among other ailments.

White vinegar has many household uses that allow you to clean without using harsh and expensive chemicals. Cleaning your microwave, cutting boards, dishes, tile floors and more has never been easier.

The benefits of apple cider vinegar are many and varied. If you browse through some of the remedies on this site, you will find several that use apple cider vinegar and you will benefit the most when it is organic. If your local health store doesn’t carry organic apple cider vinegar, you can buy it online.

There is no need to expand on the ailments apple cider vinegar can help here when we’ve listed a few elsewhere for you to enjoy and use. You can also find a longer list of medical conditions that have been treated with apple cider vinegar based remedies by visiting the Vinegar Uses page where you can get both Vinegar for Your Health and Vinegar for Cleaning for $6.95. These are 2 no fluff PDF’s that give recipes for remedies and for cleaning.

I’ve used some of the remedies and cleaning formulas in these reports and they do work and have saved me much more than the price of these reports. They are short enough to print and keep as a reference rather than constantly going online. Everyone that takes the time to do the research will see the benefits of apple cider vinegar and why it should be part of your life.

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Manganese is another trace element found in almost all living organisms. The name manganese is derived from the Greek word for magic. The name’s origin fits because scientists are still trying to understand the diverse effects on living organisms of manganese deficiency and toxicity.

This mineral plays an important role in the healthy development of cartilage and bone and the production of collagen used in wound healing. The metabolism of cholesterol, amino acids and carbohydrates is done by enzymes activated by manganese. Sex hormone production, enzyme activation and glucose metabolism are all affected by manganese. The brain, muscles, thyroid, nerves, and mammary glands are all influenced by enzymes associated with manganese if if not directly by manganese itself.

Manganese deficiencies may be indicated by dizziness, hearing loss, ear noises and muscle coordination problems.

Some foods that are rich in manganese are kelp, spinach, leafy vegetables, beets, nuts and whole grains. Note: As much as 75 percent of the manganese in wheat is lost when it it processed into flour.

While manganese may not be the cause of diabetes, osteoporosis, asthma, allergies, fatigue and epilepsy; it may help in the management of them.

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Ask Dr. Wayne Garland a specialist in natural remedies and natural products.

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