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Many lower back pain issues have pushed patients in need to try the less conventional route. Perhaps due to your weak heart you are not a candidate for back surgery. Whatever the reason you will find some solutions to your back problem in this post.

lower back pain
The first of the top alternatives is that of seeing a chiropractic physician. These doctors are highly skilled at diagnosing and treating various back problems. Where the profession started to get a black eye was when some of the doctors attempted to use manipulation to “cure” asthma, COPD, allergies and virtually anything that most medical doctors would treat.

Not only that but add in a few bad chiropractors who tried to get you on supplements, vitamins, minerals and Emu oil and it just degraded the profession. The truth is that not all doctors are this way. Many now recognize the benefit of complementing tradition medicine.

Going natural first is usually a good sign. Reason being is that the naturopathic medicines are often not associated with the potential adverse events that occur with tradition drug therapy.

You should always get an x-ray of the problematic region first. This is just good medical practice that will aid the doctor in ruling out any lesions on the spine and other less visible problems before you get into treatment considerations.

If you ever have numbness or a neurological condition you should not subscribe to the manipulations.

Acupuncture Is Worth Trying Out

Next we have acupuncture. This back pain alternative treatment has been around for centuries. In fact it often predates Western medicine. There are a number of instances, far to many to count where acupuncture was the “cure” or ‘fix” for back pain and a host of other maladies.

lower back pain
Getting a medical massage is the third alternative treatment. Calling it an alternative is not a bad word. Unfortunately, western medicine appears superior to these alternatives. But what has it gotten us? In the United States alone with Western medicine, 84% of patients visiting their primary care doctor complained of back pain. Give these a try to solve your lower back pain problem.

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