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I mentioned in my last article on motivation that the ingredients for success in weight loss and exercise happens when you have the right goals, eat right, consistently work towards your goals and have a good support system. A good human support system isn’t always an option so I’m going to share some resources with you that work for many.

Please judge for yourself whether these tools will help you. The pages you will visit provide a lost of information and I urge you to keep your goals in mind as you read the affirmations associated with each program. Note: The human brain is a computer and like all computers it can be programmed and reprogrammed. Your upbringing and life encounters to date have written your current programming. Your actions, associations and the tools you choose to use allow you to decide what your future programming will be like.

Setting & Achieving Goals is something we do on a daily basis in almost every area of our life. A goal can be something as simple as going to the movie or more complex like going on vacation to Hawaii or changing your lifestyle to eat healthier and lose weight. Once you know your goal, you can work on achieving it.

Once your goal is set, you might put off the action needed to achieve that goal. For anyone that procrastinates, End Procrastination Now is the perfect tool to use to reprogram yourself to get started.

Eating For Excellent Health Now is designed to help you naturally and automatically choose healthy foods over less healthy choices. I Love Exercising Now helps you program your mind so you actually enjoy exercising and look forward to your workouts.

Unstoppable Motivation Now is an extremely useful tool because it lets you get all the motivation you need to eat healthy and exercise regularly so you can reach your weight loss goals.

The program I use most often is Think Right Now! for windows because I’m on my computer 8-10 hours a day and can add or edit the affirmations I choose to view. This program doesn’t work as fast as using the audio CDs but it is the most convenient for me and I am making progress towards my goals.

Each person is different and has unique mental programming so some may need help from all of the programs mentioned while others might need one or two and still others may not need any to reach their goals.

You are able to program your mind, body and future with your mind and actions.

Almost every professional athlete I can think of has a self improvement program and a personal coach. I think of the programs I’ve just mentioned as my personal coach and mentor. Whether you use tools that might make your journey easier is up to you but we felt it was important to share with you tools that have helped many.

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