Heart Disease

Heart disease prevention is possible in most people if they are willing to make the effort. There are a few that have genetics working against them but a healthy lifestyle can even minimize those risk factors. Some of the things you can do to prevent heart disease are:

Drink Plenty of Water

Your body is made up of mostly water. Water carries nutrients to your cells, toxins away from your cells, helps regulate your body temperature and is necessary for optimal health. You can judge how well you are hydrated by the color of your urine. The darker your urine is the more dehydrated you are. If the color is almost clear or a very pale yellow, you are probably drinking enough water.

Proper Nutrition

A magnesium deficiency can cause a heart attack so making sure your diet contains all of the minerals it needs to function properly is vital. Most diets do not provide enough of the right kinds of minerals and vitamins but organic diets come closer than most. If your diet doesn’t provide enough nutrition take a liquid minerals and vitamin supplement where the minerals have been ionized. These types of minerals are ready for immediate use by your body. Minerals in pill form and ones that are not ionized cannot conduct electricity so your body cannot readily use them.

Manage Your Blood Pressure

Keep your blood pressure stable and in the normal range. A large part of your blood pressure control should be proper hydration, proper nutrition and stress management.

Cholesterol Control

High cholesterol or a cholesterol level that has the LDL and HDL levels in the wrong proportions is harmful to your health. The right kinds of foods in the right amounts will help you control your cholesterol. As we’ve discussed in other articles on this site, fruits, vegetables and fish can all help.

Avoid Obesity

People that are overweight add stress to their heart, often have high blood pressure and cholesterol levels are frequently not where they should be so eating right and exercising will not only help keep the weight down but you’ll also be helping keep your heart muscles strong.

Exercise Regularly

You should be doing stretches daily, strength training 3 times a week and cardiovascular training 3 times a week on days you aren’t strength training. The strength training helps build muscle strength which helps metabolism, circulation and weight control. Strength training also helps reduce stress.

Cardiovascular training helps strengthen your circulatory system which includes your heart and lungs. Cardio training is also a great way to reduce stress.

Reduce Stress

Stress in your life can help raise blood pressure, medical problems, work and a variety of other sources. Self help programs like the ones at Think Right Now have helped thousands of people reduce stress in many areas of their lives.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is an addictive habit that pumps poison into your body with every cigarette you smoke. Some of your B vitamins are depleted by this habit and it increases your risk of lung disease as well as heart disease and generally having a negative affect on your overall health.

A successful heart surgeon was so serious in his desire to help people he quit his surgical practice and works to teach people How to Prevent or Even Reverse Heart Disease Without Drugs or Surgery. Anyone interested in heart disease prevention needs to read this book.

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