The knowledge of ear infection causes gives you the tools you need to decide if an ear infection treatment is necessary. If one is necessary, you will know whether to seek advice from your medical professional or a home remedy.

Inner ear infection – Inner ear infections most often happen as the result of a viral infection but in rare instances a bacterial infection can trigger an inner ear infection. These infections really affect your quality of life while you have them because you will often experience vertigo when you try to stand or move your head quickly.

Middle ear infection – A cold may cause the tube in your middle ear to swell enough to block it completely block which creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which may lead to an infection. The eardrum will sometimes tear during a middle ear infection allowing the fluid to drain out. The eardrum usually heals on its own without any problems except for a temporary reduction in hearing. This infection may be quite uncomfortable and you may seek pain relief. Children and infants sometimes need drain tubes or more but that should be decided with your medical professional.

Outer ear infection aka “swimmer’s ear” and earache – This infection is often in the ear canal and is often caused by shampoos, bubble baths, soaps, and allergies, ear pieces stuck into the ear (i.e. headphones or cell phone ear buds), cleaning the ear with a bobby pin, cotton swab or keys and scratching the ear canal with your fingernails. With this infection you will usually feel the discomfort when the ear is pulled or pressure is put on it. By keeping moisture out of the ear for a few days, the infection will often heal itself. Ear drops may be needed of the ear doesn’t self heal.

As you can see from the causes listed above, pain is a problem with ear infections and inflammation is another. Home remedies are often very good at addressing one or both of these problems. If you and your medical advisor decide an ear infection treatment is necessary or you need more information, I strongly recommend you check out a site that offers other ear infection treatment options.

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