Cold and Flu

The cold, flu, allergy and misery season is upon many of us. This article discusses why and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The best defense is a good lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, hydration and rest. I know this is easier said than done with your hurried and hectic life but each of the above is not only vital to your overall health but in your ability to fight off naturally occurring viruses and irritants.

Viruses cannot reproduce on their own like cells can so they need to attack weak cells and use them for duplication. Once the virus has sufficiently reproduced within that weak cell, it ruptures the cell wall and spreads throughout the body looking for more weak cells to attack so it can begin reproduction again. Every infected cell dies as the virus ruptures its walls to leave.

Every time you give your body the nutrition it needs to build strong cells and a healthy immune system you are helping fight off illness. The water you drink helps deliver the nutrients to your cells and to carry the waste away from them.

Getting enough REM level sleep lets your body rest and repair so it stays healthy and energized.

Since you may not be eating correctly, drinking enough water, exercising enough or resting enough, you may need help in getting the nutrition you need or in reducing the number of viruses and allergens you are exposed to.

I KNOW I’m not getting enough exercise, sleep and nutrition since I am in bed all day every day so I rely on liquid mineral supplements and vitamins to help with nutrition and an air purification system to help reduce the allergens and viruses available to attack me. My methods have reduced my number of colds to about one a year and I can’t remember the last time I had the flu. I’ve found that my allergy attacks are less severe, of shorter duration and easier to live with than they were prior to the implementation of my current regimen.

I invite you to check out the PurePro air filtration system to see if it will fit your needs and desire to win the battle of cold, flu and allergy prevention.

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