Bad Breath

There are two primary causes of halitosis. Medical issues that need addressed or poor oral hygiene are the two primary causes of bad breath.

If you don’t drink enough water, don’t brush your teeth at least in the morning and just before bed and don’t floss regularly, you are setting yourself up for halitosis which could probably have either been prevented or at least minimized.

I realize it is not always possible to brush teeth after a meal away from home and bad breath is inevitable if you have enjoyed a meal full of aromatic spices. Finding time to floss can be almost as hard as finding time to brush but traces of food stuck inside the mouth will lose no time in raising a stink!

Regular trips to the dentist to have you teeth cleaned and checked is a big inconvenience for many BUT irregular visits to dentists will inevitably lead to bacterial colonies finding refuge in the gums and they can be extremely difficult to completely dislodge. The mouth is home to some beneficial bacteria but poor oral hygiene allows the bad bacteria to grow out of control. A combination of good personal hygiene and regular dental exams should be enough to rule out most of the typical causes of halitosis.

Medical Causes of Halitosis

Diabetes, cancer and intestinal conditions are just a few of the medical conditions that may make their presence known through bad breath before other symptoms show. Your dentist can often rule out oral causes of your newly acquired case of bad breath so you can go to your medical doctor for further investigation and testing.

Diabetics often have weakened immune systems so bacterial infections are always possible.

Sudden changes in your diet can cause bad breath. Fasting may cause ketosis as does a high protein diet which excludes carbohydrates. The bodies of people trying to lose weight rapidly or to rapidly build muscle mass tend to use fat for energy and smelly ketones build up in blood which often finds their way to the lungs in the process. This is why special diets should be custom prepared for each individual by qualified experts.

Ketones are highly odorous chemicals which are formed when the body burns fat instead of carbohydrate for energy. You body eliminates ketones from the blood through perspiration, in urine, and by way of your exhaled breath.

Now that you know some of the causes of halitosis, it is up to you to take care of yourself and to work with the appropriate healthcare professionals to reduce or eliminate the problem.

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Most bad breath sufferers are aware of their problem and will do almost anything to eliminate the problem but seldom know how to get rid of bad breath.

Common Causes of Bad Breath

Food that is stuck between your teeth, your diet and poor oral hygiene are the most common causes of bad breath. People that eat diets high in fresh fruits and vegetables are less likely to suffer from halitosis than people that eat high protein diets or diets that include a lot of strong spices or foods. Garlic and onions are notorious for their contribution to halitosis.

You Can Learn How to Get Rid of Bad Breath

The average person can learn good oral hygiene and how to get rid of their bad breath if they are willing to adjust their lifestyle and habits some. This video gives you a very simple step-by-step process that will let you have fresher breath unless the cause is from a medical condition.

The process outlined in the video is geared at helping you eliminate decaying food particles and bacteria that create your bad breath.

Brushing after EVERY meal, flossing and adopting the right diet are all important in your fight to be halitosis free.

As the video showed, it’s important to brush your tongue too. This simple procedure at the end of brushing helps remove loosened food particles and the bacteria that was waiting to feed on them.

Frequently brushing your teeth, flossing and rinsing your mouth out with water or mouth wash helps you remove the non medical causes of bad breath. You are also helping your gums and teeth stay healthier for a longer period of time by practicing good oral hygiene.

Smokers that want better breath need to quit smoking. Not only are you inserting toxins into your body that may cause medical problems but they adversely affect your mouth odor, body odor, the smell of your clothes and just about everything you are in close contact with for any length of time. You can use breath mints and other techniques to mask the odor of smoking on your breath but you must consider a complete smoking cessation program if you seek a permanent solution to your bad breath.

How to get rid of bad breath isn’t a difficult question to answer but you might be one of the people that is unwilling to do everything that you need to do so your lifestyle promotes pleasant odors from your mouth instead of foul or toxic breath.

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Body builders and dieters are two groups of people that are likely to eat high protein diets and suffer with bad breath as a result.

These two groups are exact opposites in many ways but they often ask the same question which is “How do I get rid of my bad breath?” The answer for both groups is to start a specialized diet under the supervision of a nutritional expert that’s working with their doctor. The reality for many makes this answer a solution that isn’t possible because body builders might be preparing for a competition and need to either increase muscle mass in a hurry or lose some fat in targeted areas and.

A high protein diet helps in the production of ketones which help the body turn fat into energy among other things. Excess ketones exit the body through the mouth, urine and sweat which is good BUT they have a bad odor which can cause bad breath. Short term high protein diets are good for burning fat but you need to be aware of the cause of the changes in your breath.

Eat this type of diet too long and you may develop other health problems because your nutritional needs are out of balance.

How to Help When Someone Asks: “How Do I Cure Bad Breath From a High Protein Diet?”

Help them examine their diet to see if it is a high protein diet based mostly on meat, fish and chicken. A reintroduction of carbohydrates might be added back into the daily meal regimen to help with the halitosis. Beans are great examples of meal ingredients that leave you with plenty of proteins and just enough carbohydrates to prevent the incomplete burning of stored fats.

Another approach might be to work in the sun or to spend time in saunas so that accumulated ketones use skin pores as alternate exits to your breath in order to escape from the body. Drinking plenty of water will help ketones leave the body through urine while diluting their concentrations inside mouths at the same time.

You may try to help a friend that’s on a high protein diet with a few suggestions for their halitosis but trying to help over an extended period of time is a risky business. The person suffering from bad breath might have other health issues that may be adversely affecting their breath.

People with undiagnosed or a poorly managed diabetes, people with inadequate insulin production may have ketones building up in blood and this can quickly degenerate in to a life threatening situation and other health issues may be experiencing halitosis and you want no part of keeping these people from seeing a doctor for a more permanent bad breath solution.

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bad breath

Bad breath can cause you a lot of embarrassing problems or worse in both your personal and professional lives. There are home remedies you can try if you cannot afford a doctor or dental visit or choose to treat yourself first.You don’t have to let your bad breath ruin the taste of your food, strain a relationship or stop your career from progressing.

Brushing and Flossing

Good oral hygiene is your first and best home remedy for bad breath since about 85% of most cases of halitosis are caused in the mouth itself. Rotting teeth, food decaying between the teeth or between the teeth and gums are big contributors to the bad odor coming from your mouth. The diet you eat may also contribute to either short term or long term bad breath.

Take good care of your teeth and gums may seem like obvious advice but you’d be surprised how many dentists say the majority of us fail to cover the basics.


You may not know this but adding a little avocado to your diet is a good way to ease your chronic bad breath. This little known home remedy has the potential to help many people and everyone around them that is affected by the air coming from the mouth of a bad breath sufferer.

Check the produce aisle of your favorite grocery store for the avocados so you can try this remedy.

Reduce Protein Intake

Proteins from beef, pork and chicken are major contributors to chronic bad breath. Most of us fail to chew each bite we eat to a liquid before swallowing so the meat and poultry we eat does not get fully digested as it passes through our digestive tract. This means you probably have decaying meat somewhere in your digestive system that is spewing out gas that finds its way out of your body through your mouth.

Add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet and fewer proteins from meat and poultry and I’m sure you’ll the number of people that are willing to come close to you rise.

This has to be one of the most enjoyable bad breath home remedies out there.

Drink Enough Water

A dry mouth is often a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes bad breath. Proper hydration is achieved by drinking enough water, adding fresh fruits and vegetables which are full of water in addition to the nutrition and fiber they provide and from other beverages you consume.

These are a few simple home remedies for bad breath which may or may not work for you. I recommend you check out the book No More Bad Breath and Gum Disease: How I Banished My Bad Breath and Gum Disease For Life to see if it may be a better fit for the elimination of your bad breath.

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Halitosis otherwise known as bad breath can ruin your outlook on the day. Gum disease or gingivitis can also make you feel and smell bad but you can solve these problems naturally within a week by changing a few simple things in your life.

While it is true that 85% to 90% of the bad breath originates in the mouth there are times when the cause originates in another part of your body. The bad breath you experience in these instances may be a sign you need to pay attention to your over all health and not just your oral health.

Did you know dehydration, yeast infections, stress,  bad foods, poor digestion can all create bad breath? Poor oral hygiene has a LOT of company in causing halitosis.

Some causes of bad breath are:

  • Certain types of food. onions, garlic, etc.
  • Food particles that get caught between teeth or between the teeth and gums.
  • Poor oral hygiene.
  • Some medications including allergy medications.
  • Post nasal drip.
  • Some medical conditions.

Some experienced medical  professionals have smelled the odors associated with cancer, yeast infection and other medical conditions so frequently that they have a very good guess at what is causing your medical problem just by smelling your breath. They can then run the exact test or exam needed to prove the breath identified the correct problem.

There is another post on Natural Remedies Products that talks about the importance of hydration to you and your health and your breath is just one more reason to drink more water.

Good oral hygiene will take care of the vast majority of bad breath but you need more knowledge to tackle gingivitis and gum diseases. Chris Gibson has written a great resource titled No More Bad Breath and Gum Disease: How I Banished My Bad Breath and Gum Disease For Life that will give you the information you need to for your own natural bad breath remedy. One thing you may find interesting is that some of the commercially available oral care products may contribute to bad breath.

Home remedies for bad breath can be found in many places around the internet but I strongly recommend that you educate yourself before using any remedy to end your bad breath.

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