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Adult acne and aging skin feel like curses to those of us that suffered through seemingly endless bouts of visible acne outbreaks from puberty to adulthood.

I’ll bet you were told that you’d grow out of it. It’s also a safe bet that you weren’t told that adult acne even exists or was a real possibility.

Did you feel like every zit on your face was the focal point of every conversation when you were in a group OR even when you were talking one-on-one? You weren’t alone and I’m willing to bet you have tried just about every lotion, potion and gimmick mankind has created and experienced varying degrees of success.

I’m sure you thoroughly enjoyed the rare treats that were called clear skin because you knew they wouldn’t last very long.

Your arrival in adulthood must have brought you extreme joy because of the clear skin you enjoyed. Your joy didn’t last as long as you’d hoped though did it?

I’m betting it was an unhappy surprise when you found out that hormonal fluctuations are the most common cause of adult acne, followed by stress, which in itself actually triggers hormonal imbalances, especially in women. So basically, any way you cut it, adult acne is primarily caused by hormonal shifts and fluctuations, many times caused by stress, but also caused by diet, lifestyle changes, birth control pills, medications, pregnancy, and more.

Many of the acne creams, lotions and potions that helped when you were a teenager are probably making your growing list if skin problems lengthen even further.

Good hygiene is your first step in helping reduce the amount of stuff on your skin that can help clog pores. Eating a balanced diet that includes enough protein, little or no refined sugar products (which cause hormones to spike up and down rapidly), and plenty of skin-nourishing fruits and vegetables is an absolute must for clear, healthy skin.

You are what you eat especially when it comes to your skin.

Actively participate in aerobic activities such as walking to help reduce stress. Meditation, yoga or tai-chi are other activities that you can engage in for stress reduction.

There are new and advanced acne treatments really offer you what no prescription antibiotic can in that they are completely safe, contain all natural botanicals that purify the skin from the inside out and, in many cases, can clear your skin permanently with very little follow up treatment if you take them as prescribed and for a long enough period to have lasting effects.

You’ve done nothing to deserve adult acne and aging skin except live and not pay as much attention to your health, exercise and skin care as you should have but those can be fixed.

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The need to know your skin type cannot be overstated because your skin type determines what products you need for skin care and how much acne may affect you.

Ask yourself the following questions and be honest with the answers:

How often do you have acne breakouts?
Do you get blackheads?
How does your skin look and feel after you wash it with soap and water?
Do you have facial lines and wrinkles that are hard to clean?

These questions and the answers to them will give you a certain amount of knowledge about the type of skin you have and which products may work best for you.

The three basic skin types are normal, dry and oily BUT few people have a skin type that falls into a single group.

Your skin might be a combination of normal to oily or oily to dry. Regardless of your skin type, you will probably be able to find a product that fits your needs.

Each skin type has its own characteristics. The texture, oil production by the body and the frequency of acne breakouts vary with each type.

Dry skin does not promote acne breakouts or blackheads. Excess oil promotes acne breakout and blackheads are cause by oil and people with dry skin do NOT have excess oil.

Dry skin has a lot of nearly visible pores and might feel dry and tight after washing. The people with this skin type are often fair skinned, easily get sunburns and develop wrinkles earlier in life than other skin types.

People with normal skin types have occasional pimple breakouts and may have blackheads mostly in the t-zone the area on either side of the nose and on the forehead. With this skin type, the pores often appear visible in the t-zone and the skin may feel tight after washing but it will soon become comfortable once the body fills the t-zone with oil.

Normal skin types frequently have fair to medium skin and lines that may appear early but mostly around the eyes. Sun exposure often results in burns then tans.

Oily skinned people are the ones that have the most acne breakouts and blackheads. After washing, the pores are often enlarged and the skin might be oily with the forehead and nose becoming shiny in a short period of time.

People with oily skin usually have dark or olive tinted skin. The skin oil helps preserve the skin so facial lines are either few or happen later in life. Sunburns are rare but tans are easily acquired with the oily skin type.

The acne product or the skin care product you choose is greatly influenced by the skin type you are.

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The number of acne skin care products that are on the market will make your head spin when you start looking for the perfect solution for your acne.

Acne is a skin condition that often involves hair follicles and oil glands. It is visually apparent in the form of pimples, black/white heads, reddishness and cysts. Facial acne makes most people feel uncomfortable and a serious blow to the self esteem is felt by some. Body active often occurs in places where your clothes rub the pimples and you cannot get comfortable.

You are probably looking for acne skin care products like acnezine or Revitol to treat an outbreak or another product to try to prevent an outbreak.

Acne skin care should be more about being proactive than reactive. Since acne is caused by a hormonal imbalance, your skin care regimen is about being aware of preventive and minimizing measures you can control. Your skin care regimen should include a routine you faithfully follow.

The most basic thing part of your regimen should be cleanliness. Morning and evening showers are highly recommended because they rinse the dirt away as you wash. An evening shower helps your body relax which will make it easier to get the sleep your body needs to repair, regenerate and reduce your level of stress.

Reducing stress is an integral part of your skin care regimen because stress has been shown to cause hormonal imbalances which help create an environment that allows acne to form.

Acne skin care products aren’t necessarily the natural or chemical products that often come to mind. The clothing you wear may either help reduce the risk of pimples OR help create an environment where an outbreak can occur.

Loose fitting cotton clothing lets your skin breathe and reduces the amount of sweat that gathers in spots prone to outbreaks while tight fitting and manmade materials may do just the opposite. Clean bedding and personal care items also play roles in preventing outbreaks.

Your skin type will determine which cleansers are best for you and what cosmetics should be avoided, if you use them.

Most people will be affected by acne at some point in their life and your skin type, skin care regimen, clothing, lifestyle and many other factors will determine when or if you will need acne skin care products.

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This acne home remedy is a facial mask made with raw unprocessed honey, powdered cinnamon, powdered nutmeg and lemon juice from concentrate. Honey you buy at the traditional grocery store has been pasteurized which destroys many of the nutrients in raw honey. These nutrients are often the very element we need when using honey for our health.

Honey is used as the base for our mask because it naturally has anti-bacterial properties, works as an anti-inflammatory and has peroxide in it that is slowly released. The nutrients in honey help provide the skin the materials it needs to regenerate itself. This is important because pimples are nothing more than infections in clogged pores.

Nutmeg is an anti-inflammatory. The inflammatory properties of nutmeg and honey help reduce any swelling, redness and irritation you may have.

Cinnamon is a stimulant. Think of it as an all natural exfoliant. Cinnamon helps stimulate the pores, which can help the other ingredients gain access so they can do their jobs.

Lemon juice is acidic and it should never be used alone but mixed with the other ingredients that balance out its high acidity it can work great.

Your zits do need zapping and the lemon juice aids in this department. Lemon is a natural bleach and can, in time, calm down the skin darkness caused when you pick at your pimples.

In a small bowl, scoop out a good heaping tablespoon of honey. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of nutmeg. Then splash in about half of a teaspoon of lemon juice. (The concentrate lemon juice has been recommended over fresh squeezed lemon juice because it keeps better and will not go bad as fast.)

Use a small spoon to slowly mix together all the ingredients until the mixture is the color of chocolate. Stir until the mixture is smooth and lump free and add more cinnamon if it is not dark enough.

Before using this mask, wash your face with a gentle cleanser and pat it dry. Do NOT rub dry or you will irritate your acne.

Use your fingers or a spoon to smooth the honey based mask over your face. It is a good idea to cover your whole face and not just where you have acne visible. You can use it around your lips because the honey will moisturize them which helps eliminate chapped lips. Do NOT put this mixture under your eyes or on your eyelids because the cinnamon and lemon are probably going to irritate these sensitive areas. Make sure you smooth the mixture on thick enough so the brown color is highly visible but not so thick it drips.

Leave the honey mask on for at least 30 minutes but longer is better because the honey, cinnamon and nutmeg work best over time.

When you are ready to remove the mask, use a washcloth that has been dipped in warm water to gently wipe it off.

Any left over mixture can be refrigerated and used as spot treatments for fresh pimples or another mask. It should keep in the refrigerator for about a week but will go sour quickly if left out because of the lemon juice.

You have many options available to you for treating your acne and this is just one acne home remedy.

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While it is true that what you eat helps determine your health saying what you eat causes acne is a myth.

Think about the times when acne is most common:

  • Baby acne
  • Puberty
  • Menstrual cycle
  • Pregnancy
  • Adult acne – often during menopause or when under a lot of stress

The ONLY thing ALL of the above have in common is each and every one of them is a time when the body’s hormones are out of balance.

Your liver cleans and detoxifies your blood but at times of hormone overload it cannot keep up and your body will experience problems you don’t usually have.

A healthy diet that gives your liver and the rest of your body the minerals and vitamins they need to operate at their best will help minimize the affects of the hormonal imbalance but it isn’t realistic to expect no changes when your body is stressed.

I hear some of you men saying: “I don’t have the hormone swings kids and women have.” You DO have hormonal swings. When you engage in active sports that are competitive, your testosterone levels will rise. As you reach a certain stage of life, your testosterone levels will naturally fall.

Some men and women live highly stressed lives which can affect hormone levels and the ability of your liver to handle these hormonal changes will depend on your overall health.

Your acne, pimples, zits or whatever you choose to call them are created when your body cannot cleanse itself of the toxins and excess skin oil that creates a breeding ground that allows them to form.

The cause of acne is NOT food or some of the other myths you’ve heard but it is your hormones.

You can treat your acne with an array of commercial products or home remedies. Not all home remedies work for everyone and some even damage the skin instead of clearing up the acne. You might want to consider a product called acne free in 3 days because it has information that has been successfully used by others.

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