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Weight Loss Facts That Can Make You Or Break You…

Fact: First of all, the human body is not just “weight”. It has both fatty tissue and lean tissue (muscles, internal organs, bones etc). What you really want to do, is NOT to lose “weight”. It’s to lose FAT. Otherwise, if you currently look like a “pear” and end up losing “weight”, you will just end up looking like a smaller pear. But, if you lose fat and preserve or even increase your muscle tissue, you will look like a “banana”. (Hope this makes sense).

Fact: The less food you eat, the more your body thinks that food is not available. Then it goes into “survival mode” and actually tries to SLOW DOWN YOUR METABOLISM and hold on to AS MUCH FAT AS POSSIBLE.

Fact: Skipping meals will just cause you to put on more fat. Bears are so fat because their bodies need to be able to survive during long periods of not eating (like a hibernation). Deer on the other hand graze and they eat small amounts of food many times a day. That are lean and mean because their body doesn’t have to hold on to too much fat since it appears that food is available.

Fact: Non-fat or extremely low-fat diets can actually cause you to GAIN weight. Americans eat all the latest “low fat” foods and they become fatter and fatter. Fat is not your enemy – if you know how to “handle” it.

Fact: Low carb diets DON’T work. Even if you do lose weight on them, you will gain it back and more! How many people do you know who lost weight on a low carb diet and kept it off? (I don’t know of anyone – although you could argue that I don’t know all that many people).

Fact: Aerobic exercise is actually NOT the best type of exercise to lose weight (fat) and keep it off. More and more men and women take up “Aerobic classes” and yet the American population becomes fatter and fatter. There are better ways to exercise that take less time and actually work better!

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