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We have put together a group of people with experience in many disciplines to help level the playing field for you. You deserve quality people, quality information and quality programs that will help in your efforts to improve your life and those of your loved ones.

Business Experience

The http://www.naturalremediesproducts.com staff has better than 40 years business experience in many different disciplines and at many different levels. Some of the businesses and disciplines that our staff have been involved in or are currently in are:

Internet Service Provider

SEO business

Custom Imprinted T-Shirts

Custom computer sales and service

Computer repair

Teaching computer and software use

Internet Marketing Training

Retail sales

Health Care Administration

Information Technology (IT)


Web Design


Education is important to know what you are doing but education doesn’t always have to be obtained at a college or university. The http://www.naturalremediesproducts.com staff has acquired their knowledge and skills from many different sources. These sources include but are not necessarily limited to:

Community college

Law school

Certification programs

The school of hard knocks – We’ve used this school to learn how to live with paralysis, hypoglycemia, thyroid problems and more using natural remedies and treatments where possible.


We are using our life and business experiences to gather the remedies and information found here and find quality people in their chosen disciplines to work with us as consultants, contributors or associates.

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